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Maniac claims to belong to a diabolical circus

Police have arrested a man who was screaming in the middle of the street asking for help to kill a monster. The man claimed that he belonged to a circus, although none had recently passed through the city. He added that he could talk to monsters that he could only hear in his head and that he had to kill another one of them.

The subject was acting violently, and upon seeing that he was having a schizophrenic attack with homicidal intentions, the authorities acted at once to reduce him.

After his arrest, he was transferred to the Harmony Feathers asylum, where the staff was able to calm him down. 

“At present, the patient does not speak to anyone and is able to say nothing except mutterings unless they repeat the word he is typing all over the place. When he hears it, it’s as if he comes to himself; he greets us with the same word and stares at us with great attention, examines us and then says: “You are not the one they are looking for” and returns to his regular state.”

Statement by one of his doctors.

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