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Hidden codes around us: MORSE

Symbols, sounds, movements, colours… anything can be a code.

Do you have secret messages right under your nose and you are not even aware of them?

Thanks to this new article you will be able to discover them, and so today we will deal with one of the most known and widely used: THE MORSE CODE.

For those who don’t know it, it is a code created in the 19th century mainly by Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail. Before voice could be transferred over long distances, they had to figure out how to communicate and Morse was born. The code came into use with the telegraph and later in mediums such as radio. It was of great use in maritime, air or wartime communications, and was undoubtedly a very good method of communication for the time.

In the code, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a series of symbols or sounds.

A long beep or dash ( – ) and a short beep or dot ( . ).

The combination of these forms the whole alphabet as in the following picture:

Now that you know about this code, whenever you hear a beep, pay close attention, because maybe someone is trying to tell you something; but also keep your eyes wide open, because Morse can also be hidden in the form of dashes and dots.

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