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Escape Room VS Murder Mystery

We know that they rock. These two methods of entertainment have non-stop by offering new and incredible experiences that have undoubtedly aroused the interest of thousands of people.

But which experience is better? What are their differences? Can they come together to form the ultimate way of entertainment? Let’s see:

Escape Game: they are presented as a series of puzzles and intellectual challenges in which you are forced to use different logical aspects of your brain and measure your abilities and skills. There’s a countdown to complete the mission and get out of the room.

Murder Mystery: they are presented as a murder novel inspired by Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes or Case Closed. There are different suspects of a murder with different alibis. The player must question, investigate and compare these alibis to find out who is lying, why and who killed the victim.


Personally speaking, in this point Murder Mystery Games are better than Escape Games. A good story, discover that dirty laundry from the past comes to light, morbid secrets, false pretenses and grudges that end in a heartless and meticulously planned murder.


Escape games win this round. Without a doubt, the riddles and puzzles in this type of game are much more stimulating. Plus, you have the added bonus of the pressure of the bloody countdown. I think the anecdotes that come out of these types of games are more absurd and funier.


This is a tricky point. Undoubtedly the players in both Escape Room and tabletop escape games interact much more with each other in a collaborative way.

On the other hand, in Murder Mystery Games we have 3 options:

  1. Those games like The Hidden Games in which as you take out materials you add information of the story and the interaction with the companions is relatively low.
  2. The Show Murder Mystery Dinners (basically, where you go to a room or participate in a dinner with actors) group interaction is also high but more repetitive. Although the experience of interacting with different “masters” is very entertaining and the immersion is funnier.
  3. Murder Mystery Parties with roleplay. In this type of games the interaction is quite intense since it is not a cooperative game, but a game full of accusations and betrayals. The playing time may also be one of the longest since it depends on the players and the preparation time. Lots of laughs are guaranteed.

Is there a winner?

I don’t think so. That depends on the taste of each player and the moment, and also depends on the game. There are Murder Mysteries where the narrative leaves you totally cold and Escape Rooms where the puzzles leave you indifferent.

What I do know is that Key Enigma has also been interested in murder mysteries but more current. Inspired by series like CSI or The Mentalist, the new adventure called Calling Card: An Immersive Murder Mystery Escape Game. is about catching a serial killer who has become obsessed with you and your ability to solve puzzles and enigmas. Will you catch him?

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