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Aside from testing inmersive escape games in a box, at Key Enigma we have been browsing Escape Books. What is an escape book? Basically it is a book whose pages hide original puzzles that you must solve. Game we can play at home.

Normally, the book has a plot -some simpler, others more tangled- that contextualizes the puzzles: it is the research journal of a scientist who hides the keys to find a cure for a virus, it is the lost journal of a group of archaeologists disappeared in some Aztec ruins or you simply follow the story of a detective who chases a villain.

The aesthetics of the book also vary depending on the plot and especially the text: there are escape books such like Escape Book “interactive novels” that you must read until you reach the puzzle that, depending on the answer, makes you go to page X or Y. Or on the other hand, there are books like (Journal29, 404, o Tachyon) that barely have text, they are mostly illustrations and the narrative support is online once you enter the answers and obtain the codes.

Of course there were very usefull when we created Hack Forward and The Butterfly Curse, both game mixes narrative, interactive means, game mechanics and a lot of enigmas and puzzles to immerse yourself in an adventure.

Should Key Enigma consider making an Escape Book? Ideas are not lacking!

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