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The 3 most talked about curiosities of fortune winners

1- Sibling War

The trial of the Bolie brothers is one of the most followed by the press. Both bought a ticket but only one was the winner. Jorge accuses Lara of having of secretly exchanged in a family meal and Lara accuses her brother of telling lies and humiliating treatment. No one understands why they don’t share the prize of € 6,355,000.

2- Money calls money

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Josh Ray, the Scotsman who decided to spend absolutely nothing of his € 125,000 prize pool and invest them in the stock market. After 3 months, he obtained an additional million euros in profit. The most curious thing? He made the investment blindly for a bet with a friend. You know: a friend in need is a friend indeed.

3- Lucky man?

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Many of you know the case of the Fluke Casino. This renowned casino is famous for the luck of its clients but there has never been a case as controversial as this one. One of their most common players – known as JiggHack – won the biggest jackpot ever at Fluke. The player in question was previously blocked several times from the venue for calculating and counting in games. But this time, as there was no evidence that he cheated, the casino had to deliver €4,892,999 to Mr. JiggHack

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