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The 3 most popular ghostly encounters

Everyone knows that when you read horror stories first, you must create the right atmosphere. As we already know, we leave you a video that will help you create it and give you nightmares tonight.

The vanishing hitchhiker

The most well-known. This young woman-shaped ghost deceives her victims by making them stop in the middle of the road near the forest. Once the unsuspecting driver sets off again, her rotten face can be seen inside the vehicle as she announces that she was killed on the upcoming bend, causing a sinister accident.

The ghost of the forest

A victim of a terrible assault while travelling, this pilgrim was found almost dead near the eastern entrance of a small forest in the area. Despite her terrible wounds, she clung to life as much as she could whilst plagued by a terrible agony that never seemed to cease. 6 months later, she died but her ghost continues to appear at the entrance of the forest for those who try to take advantage of her. This time, it is her turn to get revenge.

The vengeful woodcutter

Another well-known encounter is the ghost of the woodcutter who wanders in the shadows of the dense forest in search of revenge. Legend has it that he lost his son in a hunting accident near the northern entrance of the forest and, with an axe in his hand, swings for anyone who disturbs the peace.

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