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This survey can save your life from an old curse

This past weekend, this curse’s death tally has risen to 100. It is believed that it was originated from a messenger demon named Farglos.

We cannot reveal many details of the victims due to the macabre scenario in which their bodies were found, but here you have a video in which you can find more information about this horrible curse.

As you can see, Farglos has decided to send an invisible butterfly that lands on you. If you can not discover and send the message to whom it concerns, the curse will kill you. Maybe there is a chance to break the curse, but it seems to be impossible.

The most important question you should ask yourself is the following one: am I cursed?

If you want to know if you are one of the chosen, click to the button above. It is a test made by our experts that will you leave without a shadow of a doubt.

We hope you haven’t had any contact with Farglos’ butterfly.

4 thoughts on “This survey can save your life from an old curse

  1. I have a friend whose cousin knew someone who died last week. Now she is afraid because she says that her cousin is starting acting weird and viewing strange things.

    I’m really worried!

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