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Top 3 curious pigeons

We are more than used to seeing pigeons around our city, but are all the same? Of course NOT.

There are more species of pigeons than we think, apart from the common and the white dove.

Then we will make a top with some of the most striking.

TOP 3, White-backed pheasant

This curious pigeon is a resident of the Aru Islands, near New Guinea.

Striking to resemble a pheasant, which is why it is given that name.

Number 2, Luzon Bleeding Heart Pigeon

A beautiful pigeon mostly gray but with a white body and a striking red color in the middle of the chest.

Anyone who sees her will think she is seriously injured, but NO, this is how they are. Although it is impossible not to worry about her.

INDISCUTIBLE TOP 1, Nicobar Pigeon

The top 1 should be reserved for a very special pigeon, one that only inhabits the Nicobar Islands and that the name has been appropriated.

This is possibly the most striking pigeon species of all, with a lot of bright colors that remind a rainbow.

For these reasons, it is easy to confuse it with other exotic animals, many will say that it looks more like them than the other pigeons. and as a final curious fact, it is said that this is the closest species to the extinct Dodo. Have they been distant cousins?

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