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Depressed at Christmas? How dare you! 3 tips to relax

Number 1

Stop having great expectations. No, it’s not gonna be perfect. No, it’s not gonna be the happiest time of the year. Yes, one of your gifts is gonna be those infamous socks. Remember: having low expectations prevents you from big disappointments.

Number 2

Stop talking to your drunk uncle. If it’s not good at chatting when he is sober, what makes you think it’s gonna be better when he is drunk?

Number 3

Avoid all silly and old-fashion judgments from your family about your love life (or life in general) by hiring an actor or actress. You know, you’ll spend less time arguing with your annoying aunties (the same one who are still pinching your cheek even when you are almost 30) and you will have more time to get drunk and forget that miserable Christmas dinner.

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